Mobile booking app (POC)
Feel Good Leisure Centre
Motion graphics
Task – The Fostering team's survey results highlighted people did not put themselves forward to foster as they would not be accepted for reasons that were not accurate. Solution – Creation of 12 animations to be delivered through social media which gave the correct answers.
Motion graphics
Training aid – Social Care Service Task – Client wanted to update the existing animation with extra content and a new script but were unable to utilise the previous agency. Solution – Edited out the elements no longer required. Created new animation following existing style and brand. Rerecorded a new voice over and additional sound effect and soundtrack.
Motion Graphics – Digital Agency exhibition advert
Motion Graphics film to advertise some of the clients the digital agency works with.
Digital Advertisment
Fireworks event
Digital Advertisment
YouTube Film
MOD film to present the global trends. Storyboard and art direction.
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